How To Find Last Minute
Cruises From Galveston Texas.

There are always going to be last minute cruises from Galveston. For some reason, somebody might withdraw from Galveston cruises to the Caribbeans.

  • Cruise business has changed a lot. Cruise lines now consider two to six months to the departure time as last minute booking. Booking between this period can be considered a last minute cruise deal.
  • Formerly one can show up at dock to see if there is any space available on cruises leaving from Galveston Tx. The rules have changed dramatically after September 11th.

    The cruise lines are required to submit their passenger list within 24-48 hours before departure from port of Galveston.

    So any attempt to secure a last minute pass after the stipulated time will be hard. But last minute deals before two days to departure time can be available.

  • There is a sixty day window to cancel reservations without paying any penalties before the cruise ship leaves the port. For many different reasons some people will cancel the trip.

    This is a good time to find a last minute ticket. Remember that it's first come first serve.

  • A regular phone call to the cruise line can keep one informed about possible last minute cruises.

  • Email newsletters from vacation sites are quick in locating the best up-to-date last minute cruises. They are a valuable source of information.

  • Find out if Galveston Carnival Cruise line and Royal Caribbean Cruise from Galveston have a sign up section on their website for last minute cruises.

    The Royal Caribbean has a "Sign up for specials" section. Sign up if it. They provide helpful information.

    Also it is important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of last minute chances before relying on this method. This could position the traveler as to what to expect.

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