Exciting Galveston Vacations

Many visitors favor Galveston vacations because of the attractions, beaches, hotels, fishing adventures and cruises.

There are many attraction sites and landmarks to satisfy all age groups. One of the best attractions is the Moody Gardens.

Moody Garden in Galveston

Some visitors cherish the 32 mile long beach especially in spring and summer time.

Others have different opinions about the beach. However the County makes every effort to take care of the beaches.


Galveston cruises also attract many visitors to the island. The city is one of the major cruises ports in America today.

Two major cruise ships: The Carnival and the Royal Caribbean sail from the island to the western and eastern Caribbean Islands.

Galveston Cruise

Situated along the Gulf of Mexico, the 64 square mile island is about 60 miles from Houston.

It emerged from the deadliest 1900 Hurricane disaster in USA's history to become a tourist hot spot with many hotels, condominiums and vacation rentals.

There are nice hotels across the city. Many of them are along the Seawall. The seawall is a very popular attraction site for tourists.

Many people stroll along the wall, ride bikes, jog and eat at the fancy restaurants.

There are many other prominent vacation rentals as well as moderate Lodging places.

The historic downtown area has many Victorian homes that survived the hurricane. Many of these are at the Strand shopping district.

The Strand is a thriving shopping center with many excellent restaurants, over 100 shops, antique shops and art galleries. It's a place of interest for visitors.

Strand  Shopping area

Fishing is a major sport on the island. Many fish from the coastline and the bay. Others are attracted to deep sea fishing.

There is no special season for Galveston vacations here. Visitors come here in the mild winter or warmer summer time. However more people visit during spring and summer period.

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