Galveston Tides watch

The Galveston tides determine where and when to fish, surf and swim.

Tide is defined as "the vertical movement of water." This is caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and to a lesser extent, the sun.

When the tide increases in height, it moves inshore. Water flows seaward as the tide falls.

Fish that feed on the flats are more affected by water depth (tide height).

Slow tide days offshore can be slow fishing days. Fast tide days can be great fishing moment.

However slow tides offshore are great for bottom fish catch like Grouper and snapper.

Slower tides inshore work better for fishing along the shore.

Fast inshore tides can create a lot of turbidity. With reduced visibility.

Fishermen, surfers and swimmers will need to be observant of the tides in Galveston.

Surfing is popular in Galveston but the sometime choppy waters can present some serious challenges.

If you pay attention to the tides you will be able to enjoy your time fishing, swimming or surfing.

If you want to stay anywhere close to surfing and swimming beach or a fishing pier, I will suggest the Holiday Inn, Hotel Galvez or Laquinta. All these hotels are close to beach.

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