Galveston Hurricane Of 1900 And 1915

The Galveston hurricane of 1900 was followed by a major 1915 hurricane. Its impact was largely reduced by the Galveston Seawall.

Though it was slowed by the seawall, it claimed 400 lives and 15,000 livestock living behind a $50 million dollar damage.

The beach was eroded to become an offshore sandbar, later returning partially, but never the same. Take a look at some photos of the storm..

The storm began forming around Cape Verde off the coast of Africa. It traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and entered the Caribbean.

It made its way into the Gulf of Mexico between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula.

The first hints of the hurricane along the Texas Gulf Coast was on Sunday, August 15.

The weather began to change and the conditions worsened the next day. The hurricane hit the Texas coast early in the morning on the 17th day.

Many hurricanes came through between 1879 and 2008 but none had an impact on the island like the hurricane of 1900.

That was the hurricane that ignited a major Galveston extreme makeover.

The seawall was built. This is a place you don't have to miss when you visit Galveston. It's full of fun.

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