Galveston Hurricane 1900
And Other Hurricanes

Apart from Galveston hurricane 1900, there were others that came through or close to Galveston.

The Galveston area is brushed or hit on the average of every 2.96 years.

The average years between direct hurricane hits.(usually within 40 miles of Galveston) is once every 8.70 years.

Here is a list of hurricanes and storms that affected Galveston.

  • 1879 August 23rd, a category 2 with 105mph winds passes just east of Galveston while heading north.
  • 1886 June 14th, a hurricane with 95mph winds passes just east of Galveston while moving north.
  • 1888 June 16th, a hurricane moved Southwest of Galveston dumping 18 inches of rain in Houston.
  • 1900, the great Galveston hurricane 1900 killed 8,000 people with a 15ft storm surge across the land.
  • 1909 in July, a 10 ft storm surge with a category 3 destroyed 41 people in Texas.
  • 1915 August 5th, a category 4 kills 275 people and a 12' tides flooded Galveston.
  • 1932 August 14th, 145mph winds from the Southeast made a direct hit at Galveston.
  • 1934 July 28th, a storm surge of 5.9ft with a category 2 hurricane passed just east of Galveston while moving south.
  • 1943 July 27th, a category 2 storm surge of 4 ft with 86mph winds, killed 19 people.
  • 1947 August 24th, a minimal hurricane hits Galveston.
  • 1959 in July, hurricane Debra hit with 95mph winds and 14 inches of rain.
  • 1915 August 17th, a 12 ft surge of water with 120mph winds took 275 lives.
  • 1983 August 18th, a category 3 hurricane Alicia with 100mph caused a $2 billion damage in Galveston and Houston.
  • 1989 October 15th, hurricane Jerry caused over $8 million in damage.
  • 2001 June 5th, T.S Allison hits with 60mph winds dumping extremely heavy rain especially inland in the Houston area.
  • 2008, Hurricane Ike hits Galveston on September 13th with 110mph winds causing extensive damage with a 15 ft. storm surge.
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