Hurricane Galveston Videos

Some call it the "Hurricane Galveston" because of regular occurrence of hurricanes. Galveston and the Gulf region do have their share of the dangerous storms.

Hurricane cannot be avoided permanently but the region also enjoys a period without any storm.

Going through a hurricane tumult isn't anything to be proud of. Hurricane Alicia of 1983 affected very many people along the Gulf Coast. See this video for more understanding.

Hurricane could hit anywhere along the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Coast.

Most of the time, it concentrates its effort on Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

Hurricane named Katrina was one dangerous storm that came through in 2005.

Its impact was not only very damaging but devastating.

Hurricane Ike of 2008 was one scary moment too. The whole night in Galveston and Houston area was busy with flying debris and power outage.

The seawall did a great job in resisting the storm to a large extent.

Galveston is prepared to withstand any hurricane of Low intensity. Unless there is a call for evacuation, many places to stay on the island are pretty safe.

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