Secret Expenses Of Hotels
In Galveston Tx.

Hotels in Galveston Tx. are in business to make maximum profit. They have various ways of making the most out of visitors.

Visitors need to be careful to avoid the unexpected expenditure. They can mar a great vacation.

The following avenues of extra expenditure need to be taken into consideration.

  • Mandatory Valet parking could incur extra charges for the number of days spent at the hotel.

  • Do not be surprised to see extra daily charges for living in a resort. Visitors are made to pay for some facilities on the premises.

  • Watch out for the Mini Bar. This is a real money maker for the hotels. Sensors in the bar will record anything pulled out to make room for personal provisions.

    An exorbitant bill will be added to the room rate.

    Any request for the bar to be emptied by the hotel will command a fat fee. What ever way it is, the hotel will make some money out of that.

    That alone could eat up any Galveston Texas hotel discount.

  • Phone calls to anywhere outside the hotel is unimaginably high. It is cheaper to rely on cell phones for that.

  • Internet service may be free in the lounge but not in the rooms. Accessing it in the room will cut deep into the pocket.

  • A call for towels at the pool is not free. There is an extra charge in case one forgets to return it.

  • Room tables are nicely decorated with tempting bottles of water.

    Dare drink it and get billed for $5 or more for a bottle. Pick up a newspaper at the door mouth and get charged.

  • Despite the tip given to the Bellhop and for maid services, some hotels in Galveston Tx still charge Bellhop and maid gratuities.

    The best way to avoid some of these hidden fees is to patronize hotels that say "No Hidden Fees"

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