A visit to Galveston UTMB
University Of Texas Medical Branch

Galveston UTMB is a great place for tourists to see. It may not be the usual type of a tourist facility but the significant role it plays in Texas cannot be ignored by tourists.

UTMB stands for The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

The Medical School has 20 departments, three institutes and a unique partnership with the University of Texas at Austin and Seton Healthcare in Austin.

The School of Medicine at UTMB has provided medical school or residency training to one in six Texas physicians.

The UTMB is one of the top suppliers of medical professionals to the Houston medical center.The Houston Medical Center is the biggest in the world.

I think it will be great for visitors to see the institution that plays a major role in Texas medical field.

Visitors are welcome to tour the campus anytime. Due to to security reasons it is not possible to tour the inside of the buildings.

UTMB Galveston is located on 301 University Boulevard.

Tourists who stay at the Harbor House hotel or the Tremont House in the downtown area can walk to the campus. They will not need to drive there.

Also remember that the Strand shopping center is just nearby. Do visit the numerous galleries, spend sometime shopping and eating in some of the finest restaurants in the center.

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