How To Get Best Deals On
Galveston Tx Hotels

Many Galveston Tx hotels have some special deals at one time or the other.

To catch these deals require some searching around and and knowing exactly what to do.

Here are some important things to consider when looking for Galveston hotels discount.

  • Little things can add up to a great discount. Take advantage of the hotel freebies.

    Hotels will rather offer freebies like kids stay free, free room upgrades, free breakfast, free nights etc., to get visitors than lower prices.

    This will also depend on how flexible one's choice of hotel will be.

  • A direct price check from the Galveston Tx hotels internet homepage can also provide some discount information.

    Some of them do list Internet-only specials that are not available anywhere else. But do look around for a possible better deal before booking.

  • Be aggressive on the phone about hotel deals in Galveston. Find out about any specials, discounts and Auto club deals like the AARP and the AAA specials.

    Always do quite a bit of shopping around to get the suitable deal.

  • Consider booking hotel in Galveston as a package flight. This will include the airfare to the hotel.

    The state of the economy caused many Galveston hotels to apply this package plan to attract travelers.

    Many are not willing to lower stand-alone rates anymore but will most likely give a better deal on hotel and flight package.

  • Look for the right kind of hotel. Family oriented hotels are geared toward family services.

    Private settings like Classic Antique hotels are for a different group of clientele because of the delicate materials.

    A wrong hotel for family vacation with kids can cost a lot.

  • Bidding on an Opaque site can be beneficial but carries some risk of not knowing what one is getting.

    An Opaque site is bidding on a leftover hotel room from some hotel's inventory without seeing the price. Example of such a place is Priceline

  • Some travelers just walk in to the hotel and ask for discount rates. Sometimes it works if there are many rooms not rented. However make sure there are other Galveston Tx Hotels as plan 'B' before doing that.

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