How to be more than an average tourist to Mexico and Caribbeans on Galveston Texas cruises.

Be more than an average tourist on Galveston Texas cruises.

Get the best attention in the Caribbean on cruises from Galveston.

A cruise tour to the Caribbean require a reasonable investment of time and money.

It is therefore appropriate to receive the maximum reception in the places visited.

Usually the Cruise provide travel information on how to move about, nice places to eat, places to shop and so on at the port of call. That information is great.

However many tourists can relax themselves venture out a little bit and get the best out of the short stay on their trip.

The Galveston Texas cruises (Carnival and the Royal Caribbean) do not spend days at the port of call but there is enough time to get around and enjoy these places.

The Caribbean may be different from Mexico but both have some similar cultures pertaining to developing countries

If tourists know a little about these cultures they can get the best reception from the locals.

Here are some interesting points to consider.

  • Most people are conservative in dressing especially in Mexico. Tourists who dress moderate in the public will command more respect from the locals.

  • Any visitor with a good attitude can enjoy great services because a polite attitude is highly respected than position and money in this hemisphere.

  • Why pay that much to go on a cruise from Galveston, only to be in a hurry to do things like we do in the USA?

    Relax, after all it's a vacation. Local folks are not in a hurry here. So do not expect services to be quick especially in the restaurants.

    Meal times are considered a a time of relaxation. A visit to the local restaurants is interesting. Politely ask for the bill after eating because it may not be brought to the table out of respect.

  • Learn a few words in Spanish or local language and congratulate locals for good service or good food. They will be more than willing to help in any circumstance.

  • Always smile to people looking them in the face and greet them.

  • Locals love to greet each other so form the habit of greeting store help and other helpers.

  • A polite 'No" from women will appease any male advances. Do not shrug them off arrogantly.

  • Do not become angry in any altercation. A composure is very important. Remember this is supposed to be more than an average vacation.

    Galveston Texas cruises to the Caribbean and Mexico can be the best with service respect and attention from the locals if these simple rules are followed.

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