Monthly Galveston Fishing Reports

Check the monthly Galveston fishing reports and determine what months are better for fishing. Galveston has different fishing seasons.

Weather, temperature, tides and current play major role in monthly fishing trips.

When the temperature and everything fall in place in a particular month, the fishing may be great.

But this could change the next year at the same time depending on different circumstances.

For example in May, the water temperature is in the 78-80 degree range. That is good for gulf fishing. Sharks, bull red, amber jack, wahoo and grouper fish are in great supply.

Bay fishing is good for trout, flounder and red fish.

In April, the Bay fishing is usually good for trout, red fish and flounder.

As the water warms, more fish like king fish, jacks, cobia, and spanish mackerel, bonnet head, and black tip sharks move from the gulf toward the bay.

In March, bay offshore trips are the best because of the temperature.

In December, the winter bay fishing is usually good for speckled trout and red fish right after the cool fronts.

As mentioned, these fishing patterns may change depending on the weather next year.

The best thing to do is to be checking on the monthly weather reports to determine what you want to fish for and where you want to fish.

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