Unexpected Expenses On
Cruises Departing From Galveston

There is almost always some unexpected expenses involved in cruises departing from Galveston. Tourist going on Galveston cruises are most likely to have the best vacation if they are aware and prepared for such expenses.

Cruises that depart from the port are Galveston Carnival Cruise with two fleets: The Carnival Ecstasy and Carnival Conquest. The Royal Caribbean Cruise line known as The Voyager of the Seas also operates from Galveston.

First of all

  • Be aware that prices on cruises departing from Galveston do not include government taxes. So, quoted prices are lower than the actual rate.

  • There might be some fuel surcharges included in prices. Find out from your agent or cruise line about that.

  • If there are more than two people in a cabin, most likely the will be a reduced fare for the third and forth person. Inquire about that to reap the benefit.

  • It is important to know that cruises do not deal with cash on the seas. Money for expenses are put on cruise tab preferably called "Sign and Sail" (room key) card.

    The Galveston cruise line makes sure the traveler places about $200 on the debit card before boarding the ship.

    It will be reasonable to have that amount in bank before doing so otherwise expect a surprising welcome home from bank overdraft notices.

    Some ships may accept physical cash deposits. It doesn't cost to find out.

  • A cruise fare usually includes cabin and food in main dining room and some activities on board the ship.

    There are extra charges for almost everything else. Extra drinks like soda can be very expensive.

    Some people bring beverages on board inside their bags. They claim the ship does not inspect that. That decision is for the traveler to make.

    Some optional activities like photo prints ,gift shop purchases, spa treatments, internet usage and special restaurants and coffee bars can eat up money quickly.

  • Tourist who depend on the Cruise laundry service must also be prepared to pay a hefty amount for it. Maybe, bring the dirty clothes back home for cleaning.

  • Tips are a normal part of Galveston cruise trips. Do not be surprised to tip at least $10 per day for the stewards, waiters and other service personnel for services provided. The money goes quick here.

  • The cruise ships have ATM services on board. It makes money withdrawal easy but the surcharges are outrageous. Pay attention to that.

    I will recommend travelers to carefully consider cruises departing from Galveston and their extra expenses before embarking on a trip to the Caribbeans.

    Many tourists can have a good time if their expenses are tailored to meet their need and don't go overboard.

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